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In an ongoing effort to let people know about my site went looking for reviews or what people otherwise might have said about this website

This took me to among others  where I figured there might be something, turns out there wasn’t anything about

Decided to say something, let them know

First I wrote about  letting them know that this website is both real/geniune and the packages are legitimate

Then to make sure they knew about it, I emailed them to let them know about my website

They responded that they were there about websites that were scams and that if I wanted to say anything else, I should do so by reply

That of course was fine so I did letting them know who I am and that my website was in fact genuine/legitimate and the packages are ever so much so

The site is encrypted so it’s secure no matter how you look at it

I’ve gotten a few more subscribers or new user registrations to my blog, thank you very much, nice to hear you’re interested in what I’ve posted

And yes, it is encouraging to know that at least my blog has gotten some attention and that is something at least

Who knows, could actually start getting some reviews on the packages on then I’ll see that hopefully both on my site and when I google this website