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This is what it can look like when your theme can be a little too much: what do you think?

Since I’ve been having so many issues with headway (the other theme); when I’m informed there are updates but when I try to update, I’m informed there are no updates turns out that you need a key which of course would imply that I’d bought the theme but in this case; when I signed up to where you get wordpress installation for free, the headway theme was one of the themes that was included in the installation

Like people in general who have a site, I try and keep up with updates and such but when things aren’t going right, you try as best you can to figure things out

But when push comes to shove, in the end I had to opt for another theme so there it is, be using this theme for at least a while but I’m open to any suggestions you might have?

Been downloading one anti spam plugin after the other and now I think I’ve found one that can be used though I’ve gotten a few noted that I might have to install instead

Even though the theme and plugins may change, the one thing that won’t change is how great the packages are, so good but you can decide how best to describe them

You get yourself a package on and see if what you think about the package(s) and the effect they’ve had on your site, would love to hear from you

There’s so much to do, and at the same time, though I know in general people really aren’t interested, have also been keeping an eye on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) since like the internet, the stock market is ever changing

Yes, and I’ve got a job where we’ll soon be working in a new factory on another island, go figure

Could say that I’m multi tasking in both with  and the stock market though where the stock market is concerned, I have some investments and while I’ve been doing some figuring I reckon I’ll be able to get some things done

Told you about some of the investments I’ve made in “The way it is”   and while I’ve still got those shares, been working on getting more shares even though it won’t be much: like 1, 2, or maybe more but no more than I can afford

You’ve probably heard it a few times that in order to make money, you have to spend some money

The only question is how much do you have to spend til you’re there: at some point, I hope to be able to have an answer to that very question