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Since I’ve been posting some 60 posts, thought it might be a good idea to get rid of some of them since in my opinion there might be a couple too many and to end, have gotten the posts down some

Though to be honest, have gone through the mill trying to find out about different things including updating published posts: have discovered the hard way that when you edit a post that has been published, unless you have the right software installed, then you have to edit the post online i.e. facebook, google+ or wherever else your posts show up

Have downloaded so many plugins but where I’m concerned; I like them to be easy straightforward kind of plugins as opposed to those you have to try and configure to the best of your abilities (got to be basically an expert to understand it)

Unfortunately have discovered that in general most of the plugins I’ve downloaded have been the latter where you had to configure just so much

After receiving any number of new user registrations and thinking they were genuine, have since learned otherwise and in an effort to make as secure as I know how, and if you have any ideas to that end, don’t hesitate to share

At any rate there is but one of my posts to date that has had a few people commenting on so therefore both before and since there really hasn’t been that much interest in what I’ve been posting

But because this is after all a place where you’re included on and you can get so many different packages for your site, and though you may comment/review on what I’ve said in different posts, I look forward to reading reviews on the packages on

Would really like to know your thoughts on any of the posts on