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Recently after work, decided to do alittle shopping for some odds and ends, but when I ran my card in the terminal “amount too high” (translated) I pushed my “attempted” purchase away from me and without making too much of a fuss, walked out of the store

At a point last year, I was on minus and the bank had warned me that if my finances didn’t improve, they would terminate my card (I had visa at the time) and I dutifully stopped using my card though some purchases takes a couple of days to “show” on your bank statement

Needless to say, my visa card was terminated; I went to the bank to “plead” my case and was informed that I could apply for a new card…after a nano second I said “I hereby request another card” after getting my new card I discovered they had issued me a mastercard…?

Anyone with a mastercard debit card will know: you cannot use your card once you are on $0,00

While with visa, you could theoretically spend yourself into minus “and beyond” though you would incur your bank’s wrath if you’re in minus for too long (that’s what I did if you’re keeping up with me so far?) and then when I got a card again, naturally the bank obviously looking to teach me what they must have considered a much needed financial lesson, a card you can’t use after you have spent your balance (they never said)