We’ve been watching this what can only be called a charade of an “adminstration” since in generally  it’s most apparent it’s more a regime of sorts

With everything that’s happened what with people both coming and going it’s as if/when anyone gets “appointed” it’s on a “wait and see” basis like “until his mood changes”

We’ve seen proof when spicer suddenly out of nowhere suddenly resigned?

But almost in the same breath we’re informed the “mooch” had become the new communication’s director

As the new communication’s director’s tenure he was very “vocal” with his obsessive plugging “leaks” but in this day and age with both smartphones and such how could anyone “track down and plug” the possibly GALAXY of leaks?

And it’s even more surprising the individual who is pretending to be “potus” he’s apparently not very happy living in the White House so he’s been spending as much time as possible at any one of his properties including the one in Florida his so called “winter” White House

He’s gotten a new chief of staff Kelly who presumably got rid of the foul mouthed the “mooch”

How he’s always and ever complaining about everything and everyone else since he’s supposed to be “the one” in charge(?)

Not to mention his credibility since he’s ever lying about just about everything/anything and the thing is…there doesn’t seem to be any limit regardless what the issue is or who he’s talking about or where he is, it’s all exaggerated or a down right lie!

We of course are in an ever state of suspense to see what happens next or who gets posted/fired next to “pin the tail on the donkey” so to speak

But no matter what happens or who says what…there’s just too many things happening while at the very same time despite every effort to pass legislation of one kind or the other…NOTHING has as of yet been achieved by this regime in the White House which is very strange since the one pretending to be “potus” claimed he is SUCH a “deal maker” but all we’ve seen/heard so far is a whiner “unfair/fake news” since apparently news in general does NOT “agree” with him so it must be fake i.e. it’s anything but fair…the news agencies are suppose to keep those in “power” accountable but that kind of integrity must have gone over you’re head?!?

We wait for the news special council Mueller and his team either finish with their probe or get fired…there must be so very many in the world who have bet on which way things are likely to go so all we can do is “try and keep up!!”