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I’ve been getting a few more followers on twitter, google+ and then some and though I would like to thank each and everyone of them, was having a look at all the posts on all of the websites where my posts are published and there were more than a few in some cases that needed to be removed since they didn’t exist anymore i.e. the posts that I had deleted

When I went to twitter, there were quite a few there and there was just so many of the “thank you for the follow” messages so on reflection, thought I would show my gratitude in a published post as opposed to expressing it individually

I should by rights be back at work this week but because my arm is really painful, decided I would give it as long as it takes to see if I couldn’t get more movement, though was hoping a week more would do it but I’m afraid it might take just a bit longer though can’t really afford it but on the other hand, when I work, I do quite a bit of lifting especially above my head, something I can’t do just yet but I am doing exercises to get up to that point

Progress is seriously slow with this piece of metal in my shoulder but you take it one day at a time to see if you can’t stretch things further than yesterday…..sometimes yes, but you often feel it several days afterwards

At this point, have figured it to a certain degree; you know how far you can go AND how far you can “stretch” so you might feel it the next day but not so much

This is the first time I’ve ever broken a bone in my body so this is all totally new to me so of course I’m taking it as far as I dare go one day at a time

And it’s really gratifying to know that whether it’s the software packages or something I’ve published or hopefully a mixture of both the amount of followers, I’m grateful

To be perfectly honest, I originally got a profile both here and there to publicize about but I have discovered despite all of the followers (no reflection on my followers) has very little traffic to speak of never mind “unique” the life of any online business

Okay so maybe I’m doing something wrong/not right? If so, leave a comment and maybe you can help me and possibly any new beginners out there

Not too long ago, was wondering why people who bought packages on were still using paypal, turned out that there was an issue with; in one case, it seems the “shopping cart” needed some attention so people could use their credit cards which by the way has been resolved so you can now use either paypal or credit cards

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