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Where the media is concerned, the media is the key to holding those in power accountable and to that end it’s essential to hold dumpster to account since he frequently lies/exaggerates to such a degree dumpster has no credibility what so ever but that cannot come as any surprise!

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America IS great regardless what you’ve been lead to believe tho you might be one of those racist bigots that did NOT like having a black president hence “get anyone else in there!” sentiment was going around the US….well now he’s been replaced by one who was “elected” on the basis that he’s NOT a politician…allegedly a “businessman” but the jury is still “out” where that’s concerned since Mr Trump seems to have had “criminal” contacts in organised crime

How many times has Mr Trump filed for bankruptcy reckon the count has gone up a bit since last: it seems Mr Trump is into hiring illegal alliens as buidling crews not only so he doesn’t have to pay minimum wage but then, when the building is complete…wait for it…he declares himself BANKRUPT so he won’t have to pay a dime to those people who have put in their honest, blood and sweat are left with nothing but frustrations since Mr Trump knows the tax codes so well…it’s made him the “man” he is today…ecotistical maniac!

With all else that this president has promised, repealing Obama Care has to be one of the top items he’s looking to “push” thru…but how much thought do you think has actually gone into the “replacement” plan…the answer may surprise you…it’s all down to a tax write off for the very rich i.e. those billionaire friends of Mr Trump

After the gop has failed to “repeal/replace” Obamacare or ACA on several occasions now so dumpster has taken to twert rants against not one but several in the gop rank and file….most recently against a very out spoken Sen. Corker who has gone so far as calling today’a White House “an adult day care” but then he continued “someone must have missed their shift!”

But since the gop who dumpster has alienated on several occasions has decided instead of getting any help, he’ll just sign yet another “executive order”…let that sink in for a moment…we know how these “executive orders” usually work: first he signs them, shows the cameras…then there are usually protests in the streets…but on this occasion, we can only hope a judge…or somebody takes an issue with this executive order to issue a “stay” to execute that particular law

Doesn’t seem like his supporters are bothered by this executive order…the mere fact they’ll lose whatever coverage they’ve been getting up to now will “disappear” as of next year unless something “happens”(?)


So what if it’s like socialism, when you’re in need of a doctor who cares if the US government is footing the bill thru medicaid or whatever: it’s a so called “univeral” health care system (or as good as tho with some tweaking could be even better) so what’s the story, why are the gop so set against it?

One of the reasons the gop simply “hate” Obamacare is likely because it’s called Obamacare but if you called it ACA than suddenly it’s not SO bad…but one of the reasons the gop don’t like it so much is because  it taxes the rich too much…YES you read that right, all the federal subsidies that are in ACA are most likely why the gop are so set against it…but here’s the kicker: if the gop were to take and “rename” ACA to whatever they should call it, then they could all smile and claim “this is our plan” despite the fact they just slapped a different name to it and claimed it was theirs

Not saying that’s likely to happen but for the gop to get a “repeal” passed, particularly one like trump/ryancare which really IS a joke!!

But for all intends and purposes, the gop will NOT get the “repeal” passed unless they have no wish to continue in DC(?) but thanks to all those who have been mounting protests and voicing their opposition to the repeal, THANK YOU VERY MUCH since your efforts seem to be paying off BIG time: the repeal bill has failed again and again and from the looks of things will continue to fail thanks to the resistance from all of you who have been staging sit ins, getting arrested and everything in between….KEEP IT UP

Until the gop decide to fix the damage they have done to ACA since they have been “corrupting” the program since it became law by taking the subsides and abolishing them or diverting them

So many of the gop have decided against using the “town hall” format, are they scared of their constituents?

They might complain about one thing or the other but in essence they KNOW their bill will NOT pass since there are too many of the gop who have said “NO!”

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We have learned that despite everything in history that Mr Trump’s idea of “leading” the world’s greatest country is basically “misleading” since not one of the things he has said from day 1 was ever in the same galaxy as the truth

According to this regime (dumpster’s “administration”) has demonized the media to such an extent but never the less, will include an article written by Jennifer Rubin, a reporter working for the Washing Post:


The gop seem to trying to do the “repeal” again; this time trying to get the Freedom Caucus one of the factions in the gop ranks were among those gop that “derailed” Mr Trump’s efforts to get the repeal passed on the previous occasion so this time around it seems they’re “game” on this repeal it seems…time will tell

Sidenote: if we stop to think about Obamacare for a second, it’s the first time EVER a health care bill was signed into law…let that seep in for a moment…yes ACA or Obamacare is a landmark law since it was the first time a healthcare bill that is ever so complicated got passed, and it wasn’t in a backroom or any such thing but a bypartisan agreement: tho it took some time before everyone was “onboard” it FINALLY got passed

While there are several countries that have a universal health care system but NOT the US but that’s only because of all the bickering back and forth…while the gop would only be too happy to get “something” passed the only problem is up until now they’ve gotten NOTHING as of yet passed even dumpster’s executive orders have been “stayed” again and again by different judges all around the US…it seems that while dumpster may not have a clue how things are done in DC but then, he’s NO politician but then, he simply doesn’t care…instead we hear all about his friend “Jim” and how he used to love going to Paris every now and again”

The muslim ban that Mr Trump and his “administration” (tho it’s called “administration” but it’s more a regime) have been attempting thru executive orders has been blocked again and again which of course might find surprising since after all, wasn’t that one of his so called campaign promises…of course, along with his “fantasy” wall on the southern border…you might wonder why that has proven just SO difficult?

One answer is the various judges throughout the US has had their legal eyes on these “executive orders” especially where these “muslim bans” are concerned; each time he signs an executive order to that effect, there are judges across the US taking a look to see if they’re in “conflict” with what is considered LEGAL!!

According to Mr. Trump “this is NOT about a religion but keeping America safe” by banning Muslims….no matter how you spin it, it’ll be seen as a religious issue regardless what might be said to “defend” this executive order

Will we get yet another “draft” of this “muslim ban” executive order….if so, will IT pass muster or will this administration keep re – drafting until at some stage it WILL pass muster….it might take a couple of dozen drafts…maybe sometime in either 2018 possibly 2019….or will it go to 2020 maybe beyond?!?

Because since Mr Trump is a “businessman” though there are those who will dispute that but never the less he’s most certainly NOT a politician so basically he’s got no clue what so ever on how to run a government…trying to get tax payer money to increase the military budget…but on top of that he was “reminded” of his promise to “build a wall on the boarder with Mexico” and never mind the funding, we’ll just scrap this and that program” but no matter how you do it, you’re still going to come up short since that wall will simply cost too much

As for the question of Mr Trump’s tax returns:

And for those of you who would like to join in with the rest to

or those who seem to think everyone has “forgotten” about this issue….NO WE HAVE MOST CERTAINLY NOT FORGOTTEN!!

And while we’re at it; one story which seems to be getting bigger and bigger: Michel Flynn

But then the “mooch” is GONE and according to what we’ve been lead to believe, that’s got to be some kind of record: of all the people that have worked for this regime (administration) with all those who have either been “FIRED” or resigned, the mooch only “worked” at the WH for barely what….a few days(?)

We’ve been hearing about this individual for quite some time, either when he was first in the Trump campaign way back when at Republican Convention…then we were informed he had gotten appointed as National Security Adviser to the President; red flags suddenly popped up with both different news AND sources online informed us Flynn was a “foreign agent” working in this administration

Now since he’s been at the G20 (many have coined But then the “mooch” is GONE and according to what we’ve been lead to believe, that’s got to be some kind of record: of all the people that have worked for this regime (administration) with all those who have either been “FIRED” or resigned, the mooch only “worked” at the WH for barely what….a few days(?) the meeting as the G19 since dumpster (one of trump’s alternative names)) when suddenly he wasn’t in the room so Ivanka was there to fill – in for “daddy” with no qualifications other than she was present?

The G20 was covered by the world media and the media from all over the world were quick to notice while the US president seemed “out of place” he seemed to stroll aimlessly around by himself and while representatives for the other countries while they saw “dumpster” as someone who didn’t take the G20 very seriously, they did see him as the representative of the US….strangely because he didn’t say anything about condemning North Korea for it’s launch or anything

But we did hear about how dumpster got all “friendly” with putin; apparently while sitting to dinner dumpster got up and walked over to where putin was sitting, sat down and from what we’ve been hearing they sat and carried on for about a couple of hours

Then, after their 2 hour conversation at dinner (apparently they needed more time to talk so they continued behind closed doors where it was putin, dumpster and a russian translator and that’s it) where they spent at least an hour talking about perhaps cyber security: tho chances are the conversation was more about finances as opposed to anything else…but that would only begs the question….money laundering no doubt(?)

Tho the White House is keen to spin this trip as a “success” we can but take it as an almost certainty the other leaders were not really trying to communicate with this potus since he didn’t seem to take anything seriously or at least that’s judging by his tweet rants the world has been keeping their eyes on twitter to see what “nonsense” he tweets

With just so much happening from one day to the next, it’s as if there’s just not enough hours in a day since you hear about one thing: junior and brother in law have been “invited” to appear before a senate committee to find out what actually happened in trump tower last year…but the point is there’s just too much happening in any one day….with Spicer resigning…and a spokesman for dumpster’s legal team has also resigned; rats fleeing a sinking ship

Then there’s talk of whether or not dumpster will fire Mueller….odds are he most likely will since he loves “YOU’RE FIRED!!” but if he does he will be facing just so much backlash from both sides of the isle i.e. democrats AND gop

And then the “mooch” is GONE and according to what we’ve been lead to believe, that’s got to be some kind of record: of all the people that have worked for this regime (administration) with all those who have either been “FIRED” or resigned, the mooch only “worked” at the WH for barely what….a few days(?)

Who would have thought with dumpster’s regime we would get such an interesting train of events/developments…just consider the only one left from the original “gang of thieves” is bannon so it stands to reason the clock is ticking!!