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As I’ve said before, upgraded my hosting to business pro, THEN I bought the ssl certificate and maybe that wasn’t the best way to do these things since it did have a certain amount of kick to it

One of the very first things that happened, jetpack suddenly decided it wasn’t going to work: kept informing me that “this site is NOT secure” and the lock up in the browser, giving me all kinds of grief

So I’m all kinds of “what do I do now?” so I deactivate plugin after plugin and still jetpack won’t budge

As I’ve said, contacted my host: I’ve no idea what sort of education the people over at bluehost have but I can say that it took me three times contacting bluehost before the one individual actually took a look at the algorithm (the program) and discovered there was an issue

They contacted yet another individual at bluehost, and the issue was resolved

I then tried again to connect jetpack, and one, two, three it connected

So you can say that a plugin like jetpack is useful when it comes to for example site stats, or if you should decide to get a ssl certificate, the jetpack will let you know if there’s any issue with that (won’t tell you where the issue is, just that there’s an issue)

But I can only imagine there might be half a dozen plugins that might prove useful to a certain degree especially when you’re trying to get verified by the search engines or implementing those tracking codes, these tasks can be a serious pain not to mention time consuming

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten up from my computer (laptop) and decided to do something else because for the moment “I’ve had it with this nonsense” so you walk away

Yes there are times when you throw your hands in the air in defeat because you think “what a waste of time and money” but in the end, you figure things out…its all part of figuring things out

I can tell you right now, when I first got this site up and running, there was only one other person I knew of who had a website and he is someone I used to work with and he now lives in the capital but other than that, I can tell people locally about my website but unless its something they can use, they “listen” but you can tell, its politeness to stand there while you rattle

Though its really a habit for them to ask “how’s it going with your website?” you know its just a question they throw out there so to speak

I can’t sit here and tell you I’m really all that interested in websites when I got this site, the only thing I was thinking about at the time was that extra income

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