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Since there’s been so many issues since changing from one theme to another on so you try different things to see if the effect that you’re looking for has happened

The latest post that I published was lacking in both the name and then some, thought it might be an idea to try a test again

I’ve mentioned before about people who seemed to be interested in what I posted, whether it’s the plugins I’ve installed or maybe it’s something to do with this theme I’m currently using, they are no longer reading my posts(?)

Hoping to get things right at some point, might have to get another developer to help me out but at some point I’ll get it right

Having installed and deleted so many plugins; both anti spam and security plugins only to find that they weren’t compatible with either the theme I’m using or they were conflicting with another plugin (you have to deactivate plugins to figure out if it’s a plugin conflict)

Since there’s quite literally an ocean of word press plugins where you can download plugins for practically everything and anything you’d like to get done with your word press site

Mind not all sites are based on word press but as far as I know the simplest software to work with particularly if you’re just starting with a site whether website (you’re selling something) or blog (you’ve got something to say) plugins in general are based on word press

Have found that there’s just so many things you have to do before you publish and though you figure like a list, you check everything, cross every “T” or dot every “i” but like I’ve said, thought I had everything covered until I changed themes and mind, doesn’t matter which theme you change from or to, the message remains the same: configuration, configuration and then it’s more configuration because guess what, the configurations you had with the previous theme doesn’t follow your configurations from your previous theme

It can be a bit of a struggle but unless you can find a plugin that does the trick, you’ll be forced to configure your new theme as best as you can and maybe you’ve got more choice or maybe not but regardless, if you’re having issues with the theme you’re using then chances are you’re better off with another theme, this is just to let you know the issues you will have to keep in mind; either you’re lucky and it’s an improvement or it’s more restricted meaning you’ll have to  pay for it but it probably won’t be the same

And there’s just that note about updating plugins; while most plugins you see an update is available and you update it and you’re done while with others, if you’re having difficulties updating the plugin; with at least one of the plugins I’m using, found out there was an update available, clicked on “update” but for some reason, “no update” or some such thing

The trick on that kind of plugin, or at least this did it for me, DEACTIVATE the plugin first, then go to your “installed plugins” scroll down to that plugin then update it and see if that doesn’t work?

To make matters just that much more difficult, there seems to be an issue with chrome; The Chrome browser does not support NPAPI plug-ins and therefore will not run all Java content. Switch to a different browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari on Mac) to run the Java plug-in. More info (this links you to the information) this is the message you get with your chrome browser downloading java

With all the other things you have to keep an eye on…have to watch out for any and all warnings including those about which browser you’re using

And if you’re like me, you like things while you’d like it as secure as possible while at the same time as easy as possible but with so many plugins to choose from….you have to download possibly a couple dozen to get one thing done but when push comes to shove…when you finally find that one that “does it” for you, that makes it all worth the time you’ve “wasted” to find it

Been having so much trouble getting the post to look right AFTER I publish them; either on twitter or google+ or any other site where my posts are published

And to add insult, have recently discovered while on twitter that my posts have no pic…I’ve been trying to figure out how best to avoid posting with two pics on any of the posts and so I’ve tried not posting with a pic since there would be a pic regardless

That has proven NOT to be the case when I went over to twitter; so now I have to figure how best to deal with the two pics again…go figure

You look to make sure you’ve gotten things the way they’re suppose to look or the way you would prefer they look

At any rate, the latest post I published yesterday while I was at work, turns out it didn’t look the way I was hoping

So I’ve been looking to see if I can’t get it right

With all the changes that came with changing themes, it’s a small wonder that I can still publish