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Would like to say I’ve gotten everything taken care of in reference to connecting this site with the necessary places like the search engines, and most of the places like twitter and then some but no matter how you try, these places aren’t so easy when you’re trying to get verified or get tracking code, whatever

One thing is getting verified; after jumping thru any number of “hoops” to get the verification code, where then do you put the thing?

After a couple of days consideration, not to mention I’m doing a lot of this while I’m on coffee break at work not to mention its all done thru using my smart phone (which I might add, my smartphone might be just a little too smart)

And while I’m at it, it has become apparent to me that there are so many people who seem to be having issues with the ssl certificate; while doing my research into the matter, I was lead to believe that after buying the certificate, you then have to install it

I contacted my host: my host is and though I have to say I’m happy with them, it took me three times contacting them to get them to “have a look” instead of saying “your certificate is already installed” tho that was reassuring; that just meant that had installed my ssl certificate for me…how nice

But when I tried to get a plugin Jetpack up and running: jetpack couldn’t/wouldn’t connect to and I had no idea what was going on; the lock up on the left side of my browser was now red and that was not a good idea

When contacting my host, you can chat with them, so, you open the chatting program, you’re informed how much time there is until there is a response

The third time I chatted with them, the individual I was chatting with took a look at the program “ssl certificate” to have a look and see what the issue might be

After a couple of minutes they informed me that “there’s an issue in the program so I’m trying to contact one of my colleagues to amend the issue”

After waiting a couple of minutes I was informed that “all is well now” so I went back to my website dashboard to see if I could get jetpack to work: it connected to and suddenly it was up and running

I imagine there are several website/blog hosts that will install the ssl certificate for you but these are things you have to discuss with your host BEFORE you buy it

Otherwise you’ll have to install the ssl certificate which sure, I’ve read about how its done but despite that, I know I would have difficulties with it because no matter how “easy” someone makes you believe it is, when you try it yourself, you are going to run into difficulties but in fairness, if you take one step at a time, sooner or later you’ll get it done

All in all, I’ve gotten almost everything done though there are a couple of things lacking

But in fairness, anything worth doing takes time, but I find it necessary to add; no matter what you’re trying to do, make sure it applies to your website/blog and how to you know that, that’s where your host can help you with that

You might have noticed that while I’m having issues with some of the things in reference to my website, so this is in fact a kind of “heads up” on the different things you will be facing

So the only thing I can say is I urge caution when you “think” you need a certain plugin or maybe there’s another piece of software you’re thinking about installing: contact your host to see if indeed that software applies to you, where are you right now…all that kind of thing

I’ve made so many mistakes/errors installing both this/that software, so I’m telling you, while you might believe you need that software, it might not apply, or at least not yet

There are just so many things to do, both plugins and then all of these verifications that need doing but the most important thing to remember is, make sure it gets done right

Otherwise you can do anything you want with your site(s) at the risk that suddenly one or more of your plugins or maybe something else suddenly decides “you talking to me?” and you sit there wondering “now what?”…it might take you quite some time to find out there’s a conflict or some kind of issue and then its how best to “deal with it”

In most cases, you deactivate one plugin after another until you find out which plugin it might possibly be, or if worse comes to worse, you might consider contacting your host: they should be able to give you at least some idea where the problem might be

Yes, having a website/blog is worth it if you can get things right, you’ll see the “fruits” of your labor but it takes time but like I have said before, its worth the effort

Since I still work for a living, that can only tell you that yes, I might have a few things to get right but at the same time, I’m taking things one step at a time, researching just about every step I take to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible

As for unique, I get some unique, but up until now, its not a steady flow but something is far better than nothing

They say that time is the enemy so to speak but I’d say yes, to a certain degree but I would rather take the necessary time than keep wondering every time I do something; I would rather keep moving on instead of one step forward with two, three steps back because of conflicts or other issues

Having shown you some of the issues you might encounter with both plugins and/or other software, it can be a comfort to know that while some things might be difficult, there are plugins you can use in quite a lot of cases, getting verified or maybe tracking codes, yes you can probably find a plugin to just about anything you’re in need of

Just make sure that particular plugin doesn’t conflict with any other or give you issues in any other way or the “s” only means I’ve got a ssl certificate installed so that means that this website is as secure no matter how you look at it

So you can get any of the packages on and know it is secure