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Since I wrote about my issues in reference to including credit cards to its been surprising to learn that so many people would like to know more

But it really comes as no surprise really since I did the research AFTER buying my certificate, read about all the steps that were required, so on and so forth

In my case, I had been in contact with my host, and let them know what I was interested in doing…they informed me how much that was going to cost, then suggested I upgraded my account to business pro…after due consideration I did so

With me, I was initially having issues with a plugin: jetpack

If you have jetpack, then you’ll have an idea of what I was interested in doing, namely trying to get my site stats back up and running…

The jetpack plugin was telling me that all was not well, “this site is NOT secure” and the lock up in the browser was red; I’m no expert, but even I know that ain’t supposed to be like that

So you do your best to locate what the issue might be because like in so many cases, though the plugin was informing me “there’s something wrong here!” it didn’t inform me what/where

I spent a few days trying my level best to figure out what in heaven’s name was the cause of all of this (down on my knees, you know the drill)

Contacted my host and asked them what the issue might be…”everything looks fine” was the response I got the first couple of times I talked to them, leaving me to think “then what?”

Between deactivating plugins to tweaking a few things and yet nothing I could think of was having any kind of effect: every time I tried anything, I was trying to get the jetpack plugin to “work” but it wasn’t budging…so after work one day, got in touch with my host yet again

I informed them of my issues, told them almost word for word the same thing for the third time thinking “this is a waste of time but for lack of better” I asked yet again they have a look at the program; this time, the party I was “chatting” with announced “I can see there’s a problem here, I contacted one of my colleagues” so I waited thinking “could this be the issue?”

After a couple of minutes, I was then informed that the colleague had addressed the issue and now all should be well

I was like “yes alright could you please wait just a sec?” and I tried yet again to launch the jetpack plugin…it was like one, two and three and it was up and running

I thanked them for addressing the issue and now the plugin was running and the lock up in the browser had turned green so it looked like all was well

I then asked about installing the ssl certificate, I was informed that took care of that…well that was nice of them…

All the research I had done about installing them…now it seemed that it wasn’t necessary

But for you who doesn’t have such a host;

The link gives you an idea of different methods in installing the certificate

I really hope the above link gives you the information you need to get things right with your certificate, and when you are in need of any of the packages on it is a secure site no matter how you look at it