Of course we’ve been hearing just so much in reference to all the people coming/going from the White House…no more then they get “appointed” then, it seems a matter of weeks/months then suddenly news breaks about something they said/done and shortly there after…they’re gone

The latest causality of the “revolving door” was some guy…can’t seem to remember his name…hold on while I google that….oh yeah, bannon…before dumpster’s campaign never heard of him nor anything about him..back in 2016 during the election

But really there have been several people either quiting/being “you’re FIRED!” believe the latest number is what 14?

It’s just been one thing after the other with this regime…the first was Flynn since he has had the shortest tenure in the history of the White House…cannot remember how long he served dumpster but the fact remains, he was the first to fall victim to the #revolvingdoor but it seems he started this trend since there have been several that have followed in his foot steps

All that being said, sounds like there may well be another possible victim: something about someone calling dumpster “a moron” or some such? But then, it’s becoming something of a trend; first it was Secretary of State Tillerson allegedly using colorful language but calling him “f*# moron!” but when asked by reporters if this statement really had been made, he denied ever making it….sounds all too familiar with this regime “alternatively” you could say they’re suffering from early signs of “dumpsterism” i.e. it starts to “rub off on you” so by all means be careful you don’t step in it