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You might have noticed, when you’ve visited that the lock in the browser was red; this was NOT due to any insecurities but rather, there was some coding in my ssl certificate that was “broken” and since I have a number of plugins, one of which is jetpack

Recently I upgraded my hosting account to business pro, so of course a lot of the plugins were requiring to be updated…reckon they were aware of the hosting upgrade…?

At any rate, jetpack was all about “would you like to upgrade jetpack?” so of course I did, then came the bit where jetpack was trying to connect to, suddenly there were all of these errors, that’s when the lock turned red

Since then, been trying to work out what was happening; chatted with my host to find out was going on with my certificate…was given “everything looks fine” bit but I kept trying, reading up on this kind of thing, tried to tweak things here and there (pretended I knew what I was doing…uh huh)

Then after reading up on the matter a bit; when you buy a ssl certificate, then you’re supposed to go through the whole nine yards of installing the certificate…say what?

So, after work, got home and set to work, contacted my host and this time I mentioned the bit about “installing” the certificate

The person I was chatting with asked me to “hold on a sec and I’ll have a look” then when they wrote again, they informed me there was something “not quite right” about my certificate, so they asked me to hold on while they contacted a co-worker: basically shouting across a room or some such….kidding

The co-worker apparently took one look “you gotta be kidding me?” but it seems that it wasn’t too much bother because suddenly jetpack could connect to wordpress; it seems the error it had found had been “resolved”

So, now there’s a green lock (like its supposed to be) and I can see on my smartphone (really smart, been to college and everything) and hopefully you can load it on your tablet as well, and if the lock in your browser at any point turns red again, chances are pretty good it’s most likely the plugin you’ve just installed but that could just be the tip of the ice berg

If you’ve gotten the ssl certificate and there’s one or two more things you’ll have to do, one of which is go to “settings” and then “general” and you can see your website address twice

Here you can see if the “http” is still there and if so, you add the “s” on both so that instead of http they say “https” in front of the address

Now you click on save and all should be well or at least that bit is taken care of

If you’re looking to buy/install ssl certificate, your best bet is talking to your host or will give you an idea of how to get things done…there are different ways of doing it so read up to find out which one you can use

You might have to have an online mail account i.e. gmail, hotmail or something online

Other than all of that, have had this “feeling” that something was wrong, not sure what or where but there was something

So, have talked to any number of “developers” each one telling me “everything looks alright” and hence, kept feeling that something wasn’t “alright” so from one developer, to the next all in the space of we’ll say the past six months

It has gotten kind of crazy since I was being reassured time and time again that all was well

So, this time I decided to use several developers, one after the other to see if any of them could “spot” the error as it were

Turns out, I have been over on and got one “fix my website” after the other

Got that one that informed me that there were “issues” and so I bought the gig, and now things should be alright whether you’re using credit/debit cards or paypal

However since I’ve been keeping an ongoing correspondence with my host: and though I have asked time and time again, you talked to someone who’s willing to have a closer look

Things keep getting more and more complicated: for everytime a developer tells me “all done now” then I go back to my host to ask them if they can see anything only to be told “you’ll have to get a developer”

It’s really like so many other things; when one party tells you ” all is well” it pays to double check” to see if for example your host will tell you if there are any issues though like my host they have been keeping me posted whether things are the way they’re suppose to be or not, the only issue is they keep telling me “you’ll have to talk to a developer”

So I’ve been buying developer gigs on since I know that if I were to go to any developer website, their services can be expensive, a bit more than I can afford

But since you’re basically working “in the dark” because I can’t see where the issue is and I’m not into programming so you have to rely on developers to resolve any issues there might be

Now you can choose which way you’d like to buy package(s) either using your credit card or paypal it will work either way

There you have it then, everything is running smooth and secure