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Ever since first hearing of this book “FIRE AND FURY” we’ve heard nothing from the White House except how “deranged” bannon is (look whose calling the kettle black YET again!

The book wasn’t supposed to be in book stores until Jan. 9th but thanks to dumpster and his “lawyer” (is this guy actually a lawyer?) to “cease and desist” they were attempting to censure this book from ever seeing the light of day i.e. not only did they insure everyone suddenly “wanted a copy” but suddenly the price must have increased by the very least some 10 – 15 % not to mention it’s already on amazon’s top 10 (whatever) list BEFORE it ever has even been put on a shelf

None the less “bannon has never had anything to do with this presidency, he’s only use the “administration” for his own gains” or some such thing

Tho we all know that bannon certainly was both part of the dumpster campaign and then part to the regime until of course kelly “came to town”…there were just SO many that fell victim to “the revolving door” as one by one they either resigned or YOU’RE FIRED! either way one sec bannon was there, then the next GONE

If nothing else this book has been at the center of debate everywhere….you couldn’t talk about anything else without the topic of “this book is a must read”

Will have to see what all the “noise” is about after I read this book…will have to wait a bit before I can read it since I’m overseas (not in the US military) in the land of my late mother’s origin Faroe Islands (NOT in Egypt: you can google