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Though I vote via absentee ballot i.e. my vote doesn’t get counted unless the voting in that state is very close (this is the general election we’re talking)

Been following the elections and listening to all the candidates and while they all seem to feel passionate about what they’re saying…

While I can’t profess to know how things work especially when it comes to the primaries

It has become apparent to me that each state, while the states involved are either democratic and/or republican primaries, the states themselves are divided up into counties and each county is allocated a number of delegates or is it caucuses(?): it seems that caucuses are the older type before delegates it was decided way back when to give the voter a voice in the elections so they came up with delegates

Superdelegates are a funny kind of delegate since while it’s only on the democratic side republicans (the gop) doesn’t have superdelegates who are free to support any candidate they want to and including the convention where, if there’s no candidate with enough delegates, then we are talking about a possible contested convention where the final decision might be decided by the superdelegates who are free to vote any way they decide; there have been conventions in the past where none of the candidates of either party has enough delegates and there’s so many debates that can decide one way or the other to decide which candidate should get the nomination

A primary can be open: you can basically walk in, fill out your name and address and there might be other things you need to fill out before you’re okay to vote in that primary

A closed primary is where you do the same thing some time in advance, it might be anything from weeks to months in advance you’ll have to register before you can vote in that state

You can either vote as a democrat or republican but not both

There are all kinds of things from one state to the next that make any given state somewhat different to the other states

All in all the candidates from either party has to win delegates in order to get to that magic number that makes them their party’s nominee

But from the primaries to the general things take on several differences from delegates to electoral colleges where things are just that much different

Each state has a number that candidates hope to win that state’s electoral colleges in hopes to become president

I’m sure there might be any number of things that might be added or maybe something else(?)