Seo packages, on-page seopackage, traffic packages and then some

Though it has been nothing but interesting the search for a plugin that while helping to stop the spamming while at the same time is user friendly I.e. for you

Of course it would help if you let me know how things are from time to time

Jumping thru hoops without an idea of where to draw the virtual line, it is time consuming particularly when I’m working on things whether I’m at work (at work at the moment) or at home

But in order to make things run as smoothly as possible (providing that’s possible) it’s basically keeping an eye on site stats

You’re welcome to give some ideas or suggestions

It has been 3 years now since I first got this website though at the time, had no clue about anything

Wasn’t until you do some research (yes, you do just so much research) that I found out about domains

Yes when you have a website, you need at least one domain

But that’s basically how things have happened: when without a clue you “jump in” and believing “can’t be that hard, everyone is doing this…”

Had I known then how things are, not sure if I’d take on something like a website

My interests include my house and the U.S. stock market but when it comes to investing, it takes money to make money

Getting a website, when I decided to “invest” in a website, the thinking was this should at least provide me with an extra income

That was then, since then it’s costing more than it’s providing

But I hope that’s down to my lack of “how to” but you hold on to hope, hoping you don’t make a huge mistake or do something really “NOT so good”

If you have any ideas/suggestions and who knows, might be something that really works

When you get yourself at least one of the packages on and discover what I have been saying that the packages on are very good/seriously effective on any website/blog make no mistake

And after you find out for yourself how good the packages are, please recommend the packages on to your friends/people you know/your network

There are just so many people who are just starting out themselves who could use the packages on to see for themselves just how good they really are

And since I fully realize how confusing things can be; the packages on are very good but at the same time, when you get yourself packages, pay mind to how long it will take to process (unpack) the packages: some take only a couple two or three days while others take a bit longer but as I’ve said, once you’re seen the effects….and you’re always welcome back when you feel getting one of the other packages to see if they have the same effect…but I can tell you no matter which package you get, the effect will be the same