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First, it’s essential to let you know, just because dumpster says so does NOT make it true…as a matter of fact, it’s most likely the exact opposite but you can google it if you like

If you’re not interested in the news you’re getting “hearing/listening to” calling it “fake news” when you can just change channel…with so many channels to choose between…got to be just so many news channels

Everytime we hear something about what the one pretending to be “potus” has said and we’re all in a state of “??????????????”

This so called “tax bill” which is allegedly is going to “reduce your taxes”…it is of course a LIE!!

The tax bill currently be discussed in the US senate is a tax cut for the wealthy while at the same time, they’ve added the Obamacare repeal into this tax bill: that’s something you do NOT hear them talking about…do you?

It’s one of the reasons so many in the gop rank/file have chosen to oppose this bill but you most likely won’t hear about that…or do you?

And then there’s fairy tale be talked about: it should be in the same category as unicorns and such but there it is

The conservatives are constantly looking to distract attention away from the russian probe so they come up with all these hair brain ideas to get people wondering….and this uranium one story is just such a story

It’s been debunked by so very many as a “hoax” but that hasn’t stopped the conservatives from making as much of it as they possibly can/milking it as much as they can…despite the fact when you look at the dates/time…it just does NOT fit in any way fashion or form

But of course there are those who swear “it’s true!” because this source or the other said so….but just do alittle digging and it all starts to fall apart…the search engines like google, yahoo…bing or whatever you use…it’s not difficult…

Then there’s this story about internet neutrality under title 2…this regime is looking to abolish title 2 taking net neutrality away in one fell swoop

If you enjoy net neutrality then listen to what John Oliver says and follow his instructions and go and leave a comment…you have I believe until Dec.15, 2017 to make your voice heard!

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